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Because Inspiration Should Cost Nothing

The Asian Wedding Directory introduces the UK’s wedding service suppliers; a gallery of personalities whose wit and individuality join to present radical portfolio of innovation and rediscovery. A national free publication, it draws all known dedicated, reputable and reliable wedding service suppliers from the Asian wedding industry.

The Asian Wedding Directory is not just for the Bride or Groom looking for easy access to the best suppliers or service providers from the Asian Wedding industry. It is a one stop shop for everyone’s needs no matter how large or small; so, whether you are the lucky person getting married, the family member looking for that special something to make their big day that little bit more extraordinary, or the wedding guest who needs advice on attending their best friend’s wedding, the Asian Wedding Directory has it all.

From the vast wedding rituals of the various faiths each having their own distinct character, which make up the many different communities and cultures we live and work alongside on a daily basis, to the small family run businesses producing bespoke pieces tailor made to suite every individual taste, it is with great pleasure that we commend the Asian Wedding Directory to you.

Aside from predominantly classified oriented content, the Asian Wedding Directory also employs the best, most reputable and highly acclaimed individuals and companies. The directory additionally serves as a platform to launch new products, nurture new businesses, highlight new ideas and generally fly the Asian Flag.