The wedding catering will affect every guest at your wedding - and each one of them will have an opinion on it. Hiring your wedding caterer is a key part of the wedding planning and ranks as importantly as your choices for the wedding and reception venues.


The caterer for your wedding reception has the responsibility of providing the food and drinks for all of your guests after the wedding service is completed and again at the evening reception. Your wedding reception is an enjoyable and celebratory occasion, and the catering quality and service needs to be of a standard that keeps your guests in a good frame of mind. In fact, probably the best wedding catering suppliers are those that your guest didn't notice doing their job!


Your wedding caterer will probably be your largest expense, so you’ll want them to be top-notch!


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Your wedding caterer will probably be your largest expense, so you'll want them to be top-notch... > View More


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